Bitcoin’s Huge 2020 Moves & Finding Investments Now (WTM Ep: 017)

Bitcoin’s up over 150% from the market panic in March…

And there’s a ton of excitement right now with the halving coming next week and legendary trader Paul Tudor Jones publicly buying bitcoin. 

We also had a ton of surprises with macro economic news this past week from better-than-expected earnings and unemployment numbers. 

If you’re looking for insights on how to navigate these volatile markets, then this episode is for you!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why bitcoin is up over 150% from the March low’s
  • How to use new markets to hedge your long equities portfolio 
  • Some of our best stock picks from the past few weeks
  • Where the next market panic could start and how to be prepared ahead of time
  • And we answer several questions from the community!

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