Some New Powerful On-Chain Fundamentals For Bitcoin (WTM EP: 028)

Bitcoin’s fundamentals have been growing considerably behind the scenes…

And most people are unaware of what’s been happening with user adoption and other growth metrics. 

So in this episode, we take a look at why bitcoin is looking stronger than ever, and which metrics we’re tracking. 

Also, we take a look at some new opportunities in stocks, and talk about politics in the workplace.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Which on-chain bitcoin analytics and fundamental analysis are powerful
  • Why Coinbase is removing politics from the workplace and not taking a stance on social issues
  • A possible trading strategy for SPAC’s and a new electric vehicle SPAC just popped
  • The  new study showing 83% of Americans on track for long-term financial security?
  • And we answer your questions!

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